Ladies Basic Pistol Retreat-We offer discounts for two or more

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Imagine waking to hot coffee in your well-appointed room then taking a short stroll to your freshly prepared breakfast, enjoying the breathtaking view of the San Juan Mountains. Next, join us for our Basic Pistol Class where you will you learn to handle and control your weapon safely & effectively. Our all female team of instructors have decades of experience and specialize in the training of women. This comfortable environment is perfect for all skill levels. You may choose to use your own weapon or one of our top of the line pistols. 

After a day of shooting against the canyons and stunning vistas that define our resort you may wish to unwind with a glass of wine and a freshly prepared dinner, indulge yourself with a massage, gather around the campfire or simply rest in your room.  You will return home possessing a new level of confidence that will carry through to all areas of your life and you will be relaxed, recharged and renewed.

We are also here to help you plan the experience of a lifetime or your next event  with a completely customizable version of our Women's Pistol Classes, from one-on-one instruction to a girls getaway, the sky is the limit with helicopter tours, long range shooting,  horseback riding, spa services, sightseeing and shopping excursions and so much more.  Contact one of our Experience Coordinators today 

COURSE OUTLINE:   The goal of this course is to impart the skills and knowledge required to instill confidence in shooting a handgun.  Students will develop safe handling of firearms with repetitive correct practice skills, learning from the ground up about how you and your pistol will work together as one.

COURSE OVERVIEW: The program provides an opportunity to train under a comfortable learning environment on the range and in the classroom with other females and with all-female instructors. This course is designed to train women to give women the basic gun handling skills with confidence.


Designed by a woman exclusively for a woman our relaxed and fun environment is the perfect place to learn all aspects of safe and competent handling of your handgun. Our instructor's expert and accessible method of instruction will make you feel comfortable and ready to conquer anything that comes your way.

Enhance shooters safe gun handling skills, along with basic firearms techniques with accuracy.

  • Mindset of the student
  • Selection of handgun for the student / holster / carry method
  • Nomenclature of Pistol / working of the handgun
  • Basic Fundamentals-  Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Trigger Control, Follow through
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Malfunctions clearing
  • Presentation and drawing
  • Shooting on steel targets

Students Required Equipment: Brimmed hat (baseball hat), pants with belt loops with pockets, belt and (No open toe shoes).

Provided by Mill Creek Shooting Resort: Ear and Eye protection, holster, Glock 17 Gen4 9mm, three magazines, 500 rounds of practice FMJ handgun ammunition.

PREREQUISITES: You may bring your own handgun.  (No concealed, or cross draw holsters allowed)